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What To Do After High School

The Naked Roommate

ISBN: 9781402280283

By: Harlan Cohen

Published: April 2013

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Now a New York Times Bestseller! From sharing a bathroom with 40 people to sharing lecture notes, The Naked Roommate is a behind-the-scenes look at everything students need to know about college. This essential guide is packed with expert advice, plus outrageous stories from students on over 100 campuses. Through his advice column, college tour, and website, Harlan Cohen has reached thousands of students with his message of being yourself and making the most of the college years. “One of the best and most practical college advice guides I’ve read.” —Andrew Tinnin, University of Michigan “The most useful guide on college life.” —The Daily Orange (Syracuse University)

About the Author

Harlan Cohen

Harlan Cohen is one of the most widely read and respected syndicated advice columnists for people in their teens and twenties. His column, "Help Me, Harlan!," is distributed by King Features Syndicate. Harlan regularly tours high school and college campuses giving presentations to students, professionals and parents. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.



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Page Count: 560 pages


Welcome Students

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Naked Roommate. Yes, this is the fifth edition (not a typo, the typos come later in the book). It’s so ni

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College freshmen, this is the perfect book for you.