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For Students

The Secrets of Top Students

ISBN: 9781402280795

By: Stefanie Weisman

Published: May 2013

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Straight talk and tips from top students to help make academic excellence a lifestyle.

How can you go from good student to top student? It doesn’t require an astronomical IQ or frequent all-nighters—a top student makes academic excellence a part of their lifestyle.

Stefanie Weisman, a lifelong top student despite a lifelong learning disability, is proof of just that. In The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College, she offers the tips and advice you need to study smarter, learn better, and stay motivated.

This conversational guide will maximize your life in the classroom with:

Tips from 45 Top Students
Learn strategies on making the grade with first-hand advice from valedictorians, Rhodes scholars, Fulbright scholars, Intel Science Fair finalists, a National Spelling bee champion, and more!

Lifestyle Tips and Techniques
Discover tips and mantras that will keep you on the road to academic success.

Helpful Exercises
Practice makes perfect. Put what you’ve learned to the test with easy exercises on taking notes, staying motivated, and more.



Format: Paperback

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