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Test Prep

Getting ready for the big test? We can help with your SAT practice.

sat practiceThe link between SAT scores and admission chances is strong—and would be good reason by itself to make students nervous about taking it. But the scariest part of the SAT is not the fact that it is important, but rather that, if you’ve never taken it before, the results are unpredictable.

But your SAT scores don’t have to be unpredictable. We have all the practice tests, strategies, and tips to help you get your best SAT score. Dr. Gary Gruber and your other College Countdown SAT Test-Prep Mentors are ready to help you beat the SAT.

The #1 Most Important SAT Tip from Dr. Gary Gruber

Don’t try to memorize everything. Learn some specific SAT strategies.
Using strategies will let you think mechanically without racking your brain. When answering questions on the SAT, don’t concentrate on or panic about finding the answer. Try to extract something in the question that is curious or will lead you to the next step in the question. By doing this, you will process the question, enabling you to reach an answer.

Instead of memorizing how to solve one problem or one type of problem, learning SAT strategies will help you understand how to answer hundreds of problems.

SAT Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the structure of the SAT and the basic content covered. For more details on the SAT, check out these Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT.



Types of Questions

Critical Reading
(3 sections)

Two 25-minute sections
One 25-minute section

Sentence completion—19 questions
Reading passages—48 questions

(3 sections)

Two 25-minute sections
One 20-minute section

Regular math—44 questions
Grid-ins (student-produced responses)—10 minutes

(3 sections)

Two 25-minute sections
One 10-minute section

Student-produced essay (25 minutes)
Identifying sentence errors—18 questions
Improving sentences—25 questions
Improving paragraphs—6 questions

(1 section)

One 25-minute section

Experimental questions can be from any section—number varies

Total time: 3 hours and 45 minutes, plus two 5-minute breaks and one 1-minute break.

Ready to get started? Check out my top 5 SAT strategies.