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About Dr. Gary Gruber

Dr. Gary GruberGary R. Gruber, PhD, is recognized nationally as the leading expert on the SAT, test-taking methods, and critical thinking skills. Gruber’s books are used more than any others by the nation’s school districts and are proven to result in the highest documented school district standardized test scores.

Dr. Gruber has published more than 35 books with major publishers on test-taking and critical thinking methods, with more than 7 million copies sold. He also has authored more than 1,000 articles on his work in scholarly journals and nationally syndicated newspapers, has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, and has been interviewed in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. He has developed major programs for school districts and for city and state educational agencies for improving and restructuring curriculum, increasing learning ability and test scores, increasing motivation, developing a passion for learning and problem solving, and decreasing the student dropout rate. For example, PBS (Public Broadcasting System) chose Dr. Gruber to train the nation’s teachers on how to prepare students for the SAT through a national satellite teleconference and videotape. His results have been lauded by people from all walks of life throughout the country.

Dr. Gruber’s leading test-taking strategies are based on assessing the thinking patterns people use when answering questions and providing the mechanism to improve the thinking approaches that are faulty. Gruber’s unique methods have been and are being used in homes and workplaces across the nation, as well as by PBS, the nation’s learning centers, international encyclopedias, school districts throughout the country, and a host of other entities. His goal and mission is to help our nation realize its potential and get the nation impassioned about critical thinking, so people don’t merely try to get fast, uncritical answers, but actually enjoy and look forward to solving problems and learning.

For more information on Gruber courses and additional Gruber products, visit www.DrGaryGruber.com.

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