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What Should I Bring to a College Interview?

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLE®.

You want to be prepared during a college interview. Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz recommends having these things with you.

The essentials:
  • Your resume
  • A list of AP exams you plan to take in the spring
  • A map and any directions you need
  • Notes and questions
  • Notebook and pen


You may also need:
  • Your portfolio—art and design students
  • Sports video—student-athletes speaking with a coach
  • Performance video—for students involved in drama, music, or other performing arts
  • Musical instrument to play or dramatic piece to read if you’re applying for a performing arts position


In case of emergency:
  • An umbrella
  • Headache pain reliever
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • A small snack (nothing messy)
  • Cosmetics, if you use them
  • A water bottle