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Apply to College

After You Submit Your College Applications

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It may seem like all your work is done once you finish applying to colleges, but the college admissions process isn't over yet. You still have decision letters and financial aid award letters to receive and evaluate. Plus you'll need to spend some time deciding which college you will attend and make down payments once you've made your choice.

Understand Your Decision Letters

You may think that there are only two types of decision letters—acceptance and rejection—but you can also be waitlisted, deferred from early admissions, and deferred from regular admissions.

Decide Which College to Attend

Make sure you spend some time evaluating how each college meets your wants and needs while you're deciding which to attend.

You should also evaluate your financial aid award letter to help inform your decision.

If it will help, go on final college visits and overnights.

Make Down Payments

These are typically required by May 1, but check your applications and meet your deadline. Understand whether you can make down payments on multiple colleges.