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College Admissions Interviews

Some colleges recommend or even require college admissions interviews. In an admissions interview, you sit down with an admissions officer or an alum, either on campus or nearer to your home.

It’s just another way for them to get to know you and decide whether you would be a good fit. However, some interviews are strictly informational, not evaluative; these interviews are used mainly to answer your questions and get you excited about their school.


When Going on an Interview...

Dress Appropriately

Business casual is a good bet. You want to be comfortable but still look great.

Bring Materials You Need

You want to be prepared, so check out our list of essential, additional, and just in case materials you should bring to college interviews.

Know How to Answer Typical Questions

Work out your answer to these common college interview questions in advance.

Be Prepared with Questions of Your Own

Show your interest in a college by asking the right kinds of questions during a college interview.