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College Admissions Time Frames

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLE®.

Deadlines vary by college, so check your applications for specific dates. Meet your deadlines!

Regular Admission

Application deadlines may be anytime during January and February, and decision letters usually arrive during March and April.

Rolling Admission

Applications are considered as they’re received.

Early Admissions
  • Early Action (EA) applications are non-binding applications with deadlines usually during October or November. Students who apply EA usually receive decision letters by mid-December. If you’re accepted to an EA program, you can immediately commit, but you are not obligated to commit until May 1.

  • Restricted Early Action (REA) is the same as EA, but you (and your parents and high school counselor) have to agree to only file one early application. Again, you’re not obligated to commit until May 1.

  • Early Decision (ED) applications are binding contracts. If you are accepted to an ED program, you are obligated to commit or decline by a certain date. You can only apply ED to one college, and you can’t apply EA to any colleges.

  • Early Decision II (ED II) is a second round of ED, and deadlines are usually toward the end of December. Colleges usually try to send decision letters within six weeks of ED II deadlines.