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College Application Process

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College applications require you to send a lot of different materials. Usually you will be required to send your high school transcripts, your test scores, letters of recommendation from your high school counselor and teachers, and miscellaneous supplements depending on what type of program you are applying to or activities you want to be involved with on campus.

During your application process, you will likely need to:

Request Letters of Recommendation

You may need a letter of recommendation from your counselor and from different teachers. See our Letters of Recommendation resources for help deciding who to ask, what to do if you just got a new counselor, and other great advice from our college application experts.

Request Your Transcript

Each college will probably require an official transcript sent from your high school. Review your transcript for accuracy before you request it. If necessary, include an explanation of your transcript.

Request Your Test Scores

You may need to request additional test scores from ACT or from the College Board. Request your scores in advance because you will have to pay extra for them to be rushed.

Complete Your Essays

Make sure you give yourself enough time to write and edit your essays. Our experts recommend asking someone you trust to read your essay before you submit it. See our Essay Resources for help deciding on a topic, editing tips, and other great advice.

Complete Interviews if Requested

Some colleges may request an interview at some point. Interviews are a great way to show your enthusiasm for s college. See our Interview Resources for advice on what to wear, questions to expect, and more.

Meet Your Deadlines!

It's very important that you send everything to your colleges on time. In fact, our experts recommend contacting the admissions office to confirm that your application is complete.