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Do I need a resume?

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLEĀ®.

A resume is a one- to four-page document that outlines your academic, extracurricular, sports, and other involvements during your high school years. According to Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, it should include: your full name, your mailing address, your phone number and email address, schools you've attended, your test scores, any advanced or honors courses you've taken, honors and awards you've received in and out of school, your special interests and talents, activities and sports you've participated in during high school, community service and interests outside of high school, employment, and travel.

Your resume can help admissions officers get to know the you that exists beyond test scores and a GPA.

You can use your resume as:

  • an organization tool
  • a starting place for finding focus in your applications
  • a source for brainstorming essay topics
  • a resource for people who are writing letters of recommendation
  • a supplement to your college applications
  • a supplement to scholarship applications
  • an interview handout
  • an attachment for a thank-you note to college contacts you make