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Letters of Recommendation Resources

Letters of recommendation are letters sent as part of your college application that are written by your counselor and by one or more teachers of your choice. Letters of recommendation allow admissions officers to understand you better by seeing you through the eyes of your counselor and teachers.

When you request a letter of recommendation...

You May Want to Include

  • your resume
  • a few examples of your best school work
  • any paperwork the application requires
  • an addressed and stamped envelope

Choose Teachers Carefully

Your applications may have specific instructions for letters of recommendation from teachers who teach certain subjects. If you're not sure which teachers to ask, our experts can help.

Provide More Information for New Counselors

Don't panic if you were just assigned to a new counselor at the start of your senior year, we have tips and advice to help you get a great letter of recommendation.

Understand Your Rights

Make sure you know whether you can read your letters of recommendation before they're sent.

Know How Many To Send

Make sure you understand the pros and cons of sending more letters than a college requests.