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What Should I Do if I Receive an Early Admission Deferral?

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLE®.

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz recommends:


  • Return the deferral card and follow any directions that a college requires for being reconsidered during the regular admissions cycle.



  • Choose one college to actively work on.



  • Send a short email to the Dean of Admissions expressing your sadness at not being accepted but also expressing your immense relief at not being rejected. Your email should show that you're still interested in the school. Do NOT complain or make reference to other students you know that have been accepted.



  • Talk to your counselor—he or she may be able to offer assistance.



  • Reaffirm your interest: send an upbeat letter to the Dean of Admissions after you've received your first semester grades. In the letter, you should note your first semester grades and any new test scores, as well as updating them about any new awards or honors.





  • If you know any professors, administrators, or alumni from the school, contact them and ask if they would be willing to write or call the college on your behalf.



  • Ask the admissions office if you can talk to an admissions officer in person.


  • Continue applications for regular admissions at other colleges.