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What Should I Do if I'm Put on the Waitlist?

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLE®.

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Get ready to work. Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz recommends that you:

  • Notify a school that you want to remain on the waitlist. It's best to choose one waitlist to remain on rather than work to get acceptance from multiple waitlists.

  • Follow all waitlist instructions—call the admissions office if directions are vague or nonexistent.

  • Write a letter (not an email, unless told to do so) to the college, indicating your continued interest.

  • Ask your counselor to contact the college on your behalf after you've made the initial contact.

  • Ask someone credible (principal, well-known alum of the college, highly respected teacher) who thinks highly of you to write a letter of recommendation.

  • Ask a professor, administrator, or alum from the college, who you or your parents know, to contact the admissions office on your behalf after you've made initial contact.

  • If you have the time and means, ask the admissions office if you can plead your case in person.

  • Keep in contact with the admissions office, but don't be a nuisance.