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What to Send


College applications require you to send a lot of different materials. Usually you will be required to send your high school transcripts, your test scores, letters of recommendation from your high school counselor and teachers, and miscellaneous supplements depending on what type of program you are applying to or activities you want to be involved with on campus.

Read our information about transcripts and letters of recommendation for tips and more help.


A transcript is an official document from your school that lists all the classes you’ve taken and what grade you received. Your transcript may also have a breakdown of what you scored on each final exam. It will also show your cumulative GPA.

Make sure you REVIEW your transcript for accuracy before it is sent out.

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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are letters sent as part of your college applications that are written by your counselor and by one or more teachers of your choice. Recommendation letters allow admissions officers to understand you better by seeing you through the eyes of your counselor and teachers.

Basically, letters of recommendation outline the reasons why a counselor or teacher thinks you are a good applicant.

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz recommends that, when you ask for a letter of recommendation, you give the counselor or teacher:

  • your resume
  • a few examples of your best school work
  • any paperwork the application requires
  • an addressed and stamped envelope

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