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At all costs, live in the dorm your freshman year!

Residence halls, dormitories, dorms, campus housing—whatever you call it, these are the places most new students who live on campus call home. They are long halls filled with hundreds of mostly clueless people on a common journey. It’s like a cruise, but without the swimming pools, room service, spa, casino, alcoholic drinks, ports of call, free midnight buffets, fine dining, all the water, and the boat. See, exactly like a cruise.

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Most professional work opportunities that don’t require graduate school training—like engineering or accounting—require a B.S. in that particular area of study. But if you’re on a more general career track like journalism, don’t know what you want to do post-college, or you’re at a liberal arts–focused school, it is completely fine for you to pursue an unrelated area of study. In fact, that’s what makes college great—the opportunity to explore a wide range of major and career options.

Just remember that at some point, preferably sooner rather than later, you need to be honing in on an area of study so you can, at the very least, graduate on time. Also, if you’re not pursuing a degree that’s directly related to your dream job, try to pack your schedule with courses that provide some type of exposure to that particular career. How else will you know if that’s the right one for you? And when you start going on internship or job interviews, you’ll have something to refer back to when the hiring manager would like more information on your background and experience. Your classroom projects and papers can go miles in helping prove or show your passion for a particular job.

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