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Are there tricks for getting and staying motivated during college?

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pileofbooksChasing your goals requires effort and, more importantly, motivation. But if you’re like most of us, the tendency to procrastinate can sometimes get in the way. But there are definitely tricks for getting and staying motivated.

In a new environment with no mom or dad telling you when to study or go to bed, it is common to throw routine to the wind in favor of late nights out with friends and too few hours in the library. But to find success in the classroom, you have to avoid this temptation. You have to get and stay motivated.

Think first about what strategies got you moving in the past because, most likely, they’re still going to work for you in college. Which methods worked? What did your high school teachers or sports coaches use to help you get motivated in the classroom or on the field? Take a moment to think about what motivated you during high school.

Which of these techniques might work well for you in college? Did some work only because you had someone enforcing a study period? Maybe you were an incessant planner and were always writing down your to-dos for the next day. Keep doing that! And don’t be afraid to take one of these tactics and tweak it to fit your new collegiate life.

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