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college-search-perfect-personality-matchAll colleges have their own defining traits and unique personalities, just like people do. Whether or not a college’s personality is going to mesh with yours is one of the most important—not to mention fun—things to consider during your college search process.

Now is the time to start figuring out what you want in a college (or don’t want in a college), building lists (and we loves lists!), and evaluating the personality of colleges you’re interested in.

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In a recent New York Times op-ed piece, “How to Choose a College,” Frank Bruni discusses the question that plagues millions of high school seniors and their parents every year. The author’s basic premise is that we should look beyond traditional criteria when selecting a school. I agree with this statement, but I have mixed feelings about the criteria he suggests—for example, the percentage of students who study abroad and the number of students who are from foreign countries. While exposure to global influences is important, should these criteria matter more than, say, the percentage of applicants a school admits, or what the tuition is? Bruni also recommends that students choose a school outside of their comfort zone, to seek diversity and new experiences. This can be great advice for many young adults, but it may lead others to select a school that isn’t right for them.

What do you think?

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