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Breathe deep. Smell it?

Homesickness, it’s in the air. If you’re a parent of a first-year college student, your kid might have caught it. Before helping your kid get through the homesickness, I want to congratulate you on winning. Yes, you won. Do a dance. Celebrate. Your kid misses your cooking, hugs, kisses, conversation, and love. In fact, your child is sick without it. Home is worth getting sick over. Congrats.

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Yes. According to the Higher Education Research Institute, 61 percent of college students reported feeling some sort of homesickness. That’s a lot of homesick students. This number is big, and it’s gotten bigger over the past several years. Forget the flu—homesickness the first year of college is an epidemic. If your kid isn’t getting homesick, he or she is in the minority.

Knowing that homesickness is normal should better prepare you for when your child calls or expresses feelings of homesickness. Instead of being shocked, panicking, or trying to convince your child that he or she isn’t really homesick, you can listen and think, “My son loves home so much it’s making him sick. Oh, isn’t that wonderful.” Or, “My daughter loves home so much it’s making her sick. Oh, isn’t that wonderful.” No, it’s not really wonderful, but knowing it’s normal can help you be a better listener and help cure the sickness.

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