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Fiske’s List of Colleges with Good Learning Disability Support

Information adapted from Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013.

Worried about finding learning disability support? Edward Fiske has put together a list of major universities and small colleges that are known to have good support for students with learning disabilities.

Accommodation can be a prime deciding factor for students with learning disabilities. It’s important to note, though, that some schools are skeptical of requests for learning disability services, especially when the initial diagnosis comes during the college search. In any case, you should expect to be asked to provide thorough documentation of the diagnosis.

However, you should NEVER hesitate to ask for the help or accommodations that you need.


The following schools are known to provide good support, but each school is different. Be sure to find out whether a school offers what you need before you apply.


Major Universities


Small Colleges

American University Bard College
University of Arizona Curry College
Clark University Landmark College
University of Colorado–Boulder Lesley University
University of Connecticut Loras College
University of Denver Lynn University
DePaul University Manhattanville College
Fairleigh Dickinson University Marist College
University of Georgia Mercyhurst College
Hofstra University Mitchell College
Northeastern University Muskingum College
Purdue University New England College
Rochester Institute of Technology University of New England
Syracuse University St. Thomas Aquinas College (NY)
University of Vermont West Virginia Wesleyan College
Westminster College (MO)