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You know it's time to clean when…

Information adapted from College Confidence with ADD.

  • You can't find the floor.
  • The piles on the floor are higher than your bed.
  • The pile on the bed needs more room to sleep than you do.
  • There's a strange glow from the closet, and you don't dare check it out.
  • You're growing new life-forms, and they're having conversations.
  • The rats have jumped ship.
  • A hazmat team has declared your "site" off-limits.


But Seriously…

A little clutter is fine, but you need to be aware that cleanliness affects more than just your relationship with your roommate.

Store food properly—don't make yourself sick or invite unwanted guests.

  • Moldy or improperly stored food can make you very ill.
  • Crumbs and food left sitting out—like last night's leftover pizza—can attract bugs and rodents.

Don't let clutter get dangerous.

  • Extreme clutter creates tripping and fire hazards.
  • Blocking air vents or ducts can lead to mold and mildew problems.