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Is It Normal to Feel Homesick in College?

Information adapted from The Naked Roommate.

The truth is that life in college can be difficult, lonely, and sad at times.

Harlan Says:

Getting homesick is normal. It happens to most students.

Homesickness usually hits mid-fall—after the newness fades to normal. You might miss your bed, your friends, home cooking, and walking to the bathroom without having to wear flip-flops.

Remember, the things you miss are the things that have been part of your life for years, things that took time to establish. The knee-jerk reaction is to run back to the familiar. There's nothing wrong with visiting home once in a while, talking with a friend online or on the phone, visiting a friend at another campus, or bringing some home cooking back to school with you. But do it in moderation.

The cure to homesickness is not at home—it's figuring out how you made your old home so comfortable and doing the same things in your new home.

If you or your family and friends think you could benefit from professional help, don't be afraid to seek counseling or therapy. A lot of schools have counselors and therapists on staff to help students cope, because these issues are common and normal and nothing to be embarrassed about.