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Life Inside the Classroom

Information adapted from The Naked Roommate.

One of the things you'll have to learn in college is how to balance your social life with your academics. Depending on your schedule, you could be in class anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a week. Plus you'll need to spend time outside of class reading, doing assignments and projects, and studying for quizzes, tests, and exams.

Harlan Says:

  • You can miss classes once in a while, but you have to be very strategic about it. If you miss a lot of classes, your grades will suffer.
  • Professors are your friends. Don't be afraid to get to know them.
  • Even if you didn't in high school, you actually need to study in college.
  • Sit near the front of the room.
  • Always make a serious effort to get to know your advisor.

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Keep college class assignment deadlines straight

It's important to keep yourself organized.

Write down all important dates and deadlines—vacation days, exam dates, essay due dates, project due dates, etc.—within the first couple weeks of classes.

Our Experts Can Help You Succeed in College Classes

What your professors expect for college papers may be different than what your high school teachers expected. Read some general rules for college papers to get a better understanding of what college professors might expect.

At most colleges, students are able to choose their own schedules, at least to some extent. We have some questions for you to consider when building your schedule.