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Love and Sex

Information for "Harlan says" adapted from The Naked Roommate. Information for "Christie says" adapted from U Chic.

If You Think You're Ready for Love…

Harlan Says:

Don't date anyone who lives on your floor or in your hall.

Honestly evaluate whether it's best to continue a relationship with your high school girlfriend or boyfriend.

Relax, chill, and talk to the people you want to date without getting stuck in your head.

Christie Says:

Don't date just to be like your friends.

Don't set out looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If You Think You're Ready for Sex…

Harlan Says:

If you can't talk about sex with the person you're going to sleep with, then you obviously aren't mature enough to have it.

Make sure sex is consensual. "No" means no. That goes for the person saying it and the person being told.

Be careful. Get tested for STDs. Girls—make sure you get yearly Pap smears!

Never have unprotected sex.

Free condoms are all over the place; don't have sex without one, even if you are using other birth control.

Christie Says:

If you have an STD, tell your sexual partner(s) to get tested.

The only surefire way to prevent pregnancy and disease is abstinence.

Girls—talk to a gynecologist about birth control and safety before you have sex.

If you are using birth control, make sure you know how to use it correctly.

Have a back-up plan in case your protection fails. Think this through before you make decisions that may change your life.

If you think you might be pregnant, verify with a pregnancy test and contact a doctor.