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Succeed in College

Meeting New People

When you start a new life on your college campus, you'll meet a lot of new people—roommates, floormates, classmates—and some of the people you meet may become your close friends or even a potential romantic partner.

meeting new friends in college

You will have a lot of different opportunities to meet new people, so take advantage of some of the programs and activities your college and surrounding community offers. Once you find friends on campus who enjoy the same activities you do, you will have a great network of support and people to just hang out with.

As you're finding yourself, you may just find someone you love. Dating in college is different than dating in high school, so make sure you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are on the same page in terms of boundaries and relationship status.

Making Friends

Even if people you know from high school are attending the same college as you, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be friends, and it definitely doesn't mean you should avoid meeting new people.

It's okay to feel a little nervous.

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Love and sex are common in college, but whether to pursue either is a highly personal decision that requires careful consideration. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything you aren't ready to do.

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