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Part-Time Jobs

Information adapted from College Confidence with ADD and The Naked Roommate.

If you constantly find yourself searching couches and chairs in the student union for spare change, a part-time job may be the solution.

Some of the pros of working during college include: having a little extra spending money, getting to know co-workers, and learning time management.

Some of the cons include: having less time for academics and a social life, only making minimum wage, and not having a job you necessarily enjoy.

If you're interested in finding on- or off-campus jobs, check out your school's career center or virtual job board listing. You could also check bulletin boards and the campus or community newspaper.

If you have a job and find yourself too stressed out or without enough time in the day, you should consider cutting back your work hours or even quitting. If you decide to have a job while going to school, you need to find a good balance between school, social activities, and work.

Harlan says:

Try to find a job that can help you figure out what you want to do with your life.

Ask upperclassmen what the cushiest jobs are.

Typical On-Campus Jobs
Typical Off-Campus Jobs
  • library assistant
  • desk clerk
  • dorm clerk
  • checking IDs in dorms
  • escorting people across campus
  • food service
  • setting up and taking down campus events
  • lab assistant
  • teacher's assistant
  • computer lab assistant
  • delivery
  • food service
  • reception
  • retail
  • internships