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Staying Healthy on Campus

Information adapted from The Naked Roommate and U Chic.

It's important to keep your mind and body healthy throughout college.

With all the new experiences that come with going to college, you need to remember to make an effort to stay healthy. The close quarters of college dorm life can cause colds and other illnesses to run rampant through your hall, so make sure you wash your hands often.

When you're meeting new people and getting used to a new place, it's normal to feel a little lost or lonely sometimes, but it's okay if you need help. Colleges often provide or can help you find counselors, therapists, and doctors. Find a counselor, therapist, or doctor with whom you're comfortable discussing your physical and emotional well-being.

Our college life expert Christie Garton has some basic tips for you.

Christie Says:

Listen to your body.

College is the time to do anything and everything. But be careful not to overexert yourself. Take time to rest and rejuvenate.

Remember that you are beautiful!

Cherish your unique beauty inside and out.

Use your on-campus resources.

From the campus health center to the fitness center, your university has fantastic resources created specifically for you. And you're paying for them, so why not use them? Your body and mind will thank you.

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