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college countdown: your college success starts here


Succeed in College

Campus life is a whole new experience—we can help you succeed in college.

how to succeed in collegeGetting into college is a major accomplishment. But getting in is just the first step. One in 3 college students drop out during freshman year1, and about 1 in 3 transfer schools at some point in their college career2. Why? More than anything else, students struggle in their first year because they’re not prepared for the social and emotional issues that come up in college.

Do you know what it will take to succeed in college? From academics and campus organizations to social life and roommates, we’ve got the resources and real-life advice you need to know how to adjust to college life. Harlan Cohen and your other college success mentors are here to guide you through your first-year transition to college.

The #1 Most Important College Success Tip from Harlan Cohen

Leave for college with a plan—and be patient once you get there.

The truth is that college is 90 percent amazing and 10 percent difficult. The problem is that the 10 percent can take up 100 percent of your time if you’re not expecting or prepared for it. What no one tells you is that it can take a good year or two to get comfortable with all the new experiences and realities of college life.

Make a plan before you leave for college. Find places where you think you can meet people, get involved, and feel at home. When you get to campus, reach out to people who share common interests. Take smart risks. Use your college’s support resources and find people like RAs, upperclassmen, or professors who will get in your corner.

Above all, be patient. Adjusting to college life takes time, but having a plan will make your college experience happier, healthier, and much easier to handle 100 percent of the time.

Ready to create your own plan to succeed in college? Check out the articles below to jump start your college transition.


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