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Cost of College

The cost of college can be stressful, but we can help you manage it every step of the way.

College costs and figuring out the complex financial aid system are the most overwhelming parts of the college process for many families. You’ve seen the scary statistics—scholarships only cover 16% of college costs1, student loan debt in America has topped $1 trillion, and 1 in 3 millennials doubt whether the cost of college is worth it2.

But paying for college doesn’t have to be an intimidating process or a heavy burden. We have the tools and strategies you need to take control of the cost of college, make informed decisions, and get an excellent, affordable education that’s worth its value. Frank Palmasani and your other college costs mentors are here to guide you.

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Learn more about how to pay for college without taking on too much debt from college costs expert Frank Palmasani.

The #1 Most Important Cost of College Tip from Frank Palmasani

Make a paying-for-college plan before you start your college search—and keep college costs in mind throughout the process.

So many factors and criteria go into your college search—and the cost of college is one of the most important. But too often, families don’t consider college costs early enough in the process.

Too many times, I’ve seen students receive their financial aid award letters in spring of their senior year only to discover that they can’t afford the colleges they’ve been accepted to. The result? Families panic and start making poor decisions—like taking on more college loan debt than they can manage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to figure out how much college is going to cost you. Decide how much you can afford to pay for college at the beginning of the search process. Factor in college costs as you research and apply to schools. Make a plan for how you’ll pay for college, and stick to it.

With the right information, the right tools, and a plan in place, every family can find the best college for them at an affordable price.

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