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The 75 Biggest Myths About College Admissions

ISBN: 9781402209956

By: Jerry Israel

Published: June 2008

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THE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PROCESS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT ... and incredibly confusing. You have probably heard countless “facts” as to what works, what colleges want to see, and how to get into competitive colleges. Don’t believe the hype! Following the wrong college application myths can cost you time, money, and most important, the chance to get accepted into the school of your dreams.

— Colleges are very choosy about who gets in.
— You can find all kinds of students on any campus.
— Colleges need to charge an application fee.
— Colleges have a well-thought-out financial assistance strategy.
— Colleges only know what you tell them about you.

The 75 Biggest Myths about College Admissions gives you all the answers you need to approach this important journey correctly—busting all the myths that students hear and colleges want you to believe.

By exposing the truth and setting you on the right path, The 75 Biggest Myths about College Admissions gives you the edge you need to avoid wrong turns and wasted time and get a few steps ahead in the application process.

About the Author

Jerry Israel

Dr. Jerry Israel is a Senior Strategy Consultant specializing in higher education initiatives for Simpson Scarborough Communications. Dr. Israel served as the University of Indianapolis's seventh president, from 1998 until his retirement in July 2005. Israel, who is a graduate of the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management, lives in Florida.



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If You Have Time for Just Two Myths, Here They Are

Myth 1: It is a seller’s market in which colleges have all the control.
Reality: It is a buyer’s market where you have many good choice

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