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Paying for College

Free College Resource Book

ISBN: 9781593633813

By: Doug and Robin Hewitt

Published: December 2009

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Paying for a child's education is harder than ever. Free College Resource Book takes students and parents through the process of weighing options for college funding, including scholarship searches, grants, savings plans, differences between financial aid options and which financial aid programs provide the best benefits to students, and other sources of money for paying college tuition and fees.

About the Author

Doug and Robin Hewitt

After putting five children through college for no cost, Doug Hewitt and Robin Hewitt’s familiarity with online research and skill with guiding their children into college have given them crucial insights into the college admission process. Doug and Robin are both full-time freelance nonfiction writers who enjoy writing fiction in their spare time.



Format: Paperback

Length: 9 in
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Page Count: 200 pages