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For Parents

I’ll Miss You Too

ISBN: 9781492615675

By: Margo E Ewing Woodacre MSWSteffany Bane Carey

Published: April 2015

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The only guide to college with honest advice from both the parent and student point of view

Am I ready for college? What will change? How will we stay connected? Mother-daughter team Margo Woodacre and Steffany Carey began their college journey as most parents and students do—full of excitement for the journey ahead and questions about what the journey would bring.

In this fully updated edition of I'll Miss You Too, they share practical tips on what to expect, the joys and challenges of their own transition to college, and advice on how to keep that special relationship strong throughout the college years and beyond.

Candid tips on:
•The first few hours, days, and weeks apart
•Staying safe, healthy, and happy
•Talking openly in a social media age
•Visits home and off-campus living
•Preparing for life after college
...and everything in between.

"Parents and students will see themselves in this book and realize that they are not alone."—Beverly Stewart Cox, MEd, president of Back to Basics Learning Dynamics



Format: Paperback

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As the mother of an only child (and a single mother for many years), I worked outside the home but considered motherhood my main job and my joy. To me, the empty-nest syndrome was simply a term to

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““My favorite thing about I’ll Miss You Too is the transparency on both the student and parent perspective of the college process. I recommend it to all of my families as a po

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