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Applying to Colleges


ISBN: 9781402263316

By: Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz

Published: April 2012

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“Shaevitz’s suggestions and advice could prove invaluable for students and parents involved in the college-admissions process. ” - School Library Journal

When It Comes to College Admissions, Dare to Be Yourself

Applying to college isn't just about your GPA, test scores, or how many activities you've done. It's about finding colleges that fit you as a student and a person. And the secret is: that's what the colleges want as well.

adMISSIONPOSSIBLE is not your ordinary admission guide-this book is designed to help you be just a little bit different, just a little bit better, than everyone else by focusing on who you are and what you love.

adMISSION POSSIBLE takes the stress out of the admission process by providing you with the most useful hands-on advice on everything you need to know and do to make the application process go smoothly-a step-by-step action plan, filled with worksheets, charts, resume and essay samples, questions, directions, and timelines. Along the way you'll discover how to make yourself shine with:

• Extracurricular activities that show your passions, know-how, leadership, and/or resourcefulness
• Admissions essays based on insights and unique, down-to-earth personal stories
• High school counselor and teacher recommendations that are "over the top"
• An Activities Résumé that helps colleges and recommenders really know you

"Wonderfully comprehensive...extraordinarily accurate in a field with a million small details that can change abruptly."—Jon Reider, Former Senior Associate Director of Admission, Stanford University (1985-2000), Director of College Counseling, San Francisco University High School

"Majorie makes college admissions a process of discovery for the student and leaves them happy about where they are going instead of unhappy about where they are not going." —Samuel L. Popkin, PhD, Professor of Political Science, University of California, San Diego, Susan L. Shirk, PhD, Director of the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation



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Introduction: Who am I to be telling you what to do?

I never intended to be a college admissions coach, develop a website, or write a book about college admissions. That

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“Right on target... Unlike other books, this title doesn’t just describe college admissions, it shows students exactly what to say and do during every step of the process.” -

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