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Perfect 800: SAT Verbal

ISBN: 9781593634346

Published: November 2010

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The book allows students to perfect their vocabulary skills by completing the activities on more than 100 practice sessions and quizzes. By offering important information on word parts, origins, grammar, and other necessary knowledge, Perfect 800: SAT Verbal gives students the opportunity to increase their understanding of the vocabulary commonly seen on the SAT test.

The book also provides tips and strategies for acing the verbal portion of the test, including techniques for studying and a unique online practice test that analyzes the student’s results immediately and offers suggestions for improving scores. Students also can use the book’s list of online and print resources to evaluate additional study methods. This unique book is a great companion to Perfect 800: SAT Math.

About the Author

R. Brigham Lampert

R. Brigham Lampert, Ed.D, is an award-winning, National Board Certified Teacher specializing in English and advanced education in Virginia. Lampert is a practicing Teacher as Leader, a distinction held by fewer than 50 educators in Virginia, and author of Advanced Placement Classroom: Romeo and Juliet.



Format: Paperback

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