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eBook Support: How to Download

This quick step-by-step guide is designed to help you go through the process of buying and downloading our eBooks properly so that you may enjoy them quickly. If you continue to have problems feel free to contact us so that we may get back to you with any extra information that you may require.

Download Instructions

Step 1: You must have Adobe Digital Editions. To download and install Adobe Digital Editions, click the link in the previous sentence and it will take you to their homepage where you will find the program.

Step 2: Go to and click the Sign In link under the My Account menu on the left side of the page.

Step 3: Login to the site.

Step 4: Click on the Downloads link in the My Account menu on the left.

Step 5: In the Downloads page you will see links to all the eBooks you purchased. Click on each link to start the download. Note: your download will be an urlink.ascm file, which can only be opened with programs that work with DRM.

Step 6: Once you have successfully downloaded the title you will be able to upload it to your device.

iPad/iDevice User ONLY:

Step 7: Connect your iPad/iDevice to the computer that has both iTunes and Adobe Digital Editions on it. You should see your device appear under Devices on the left side of iTunes. Click on it.

Step 8: With the device selected, click on the Apps tab button at the top of the main iTunes window.

Step 9: Underneath the Sync App panel you should see the File Sharing Panel. You should see the eBooks you have in Bluefire Reader appear in the Documents list on the right.

Step 10: At the bottom of the Documents list click Add and browse to your books in the Digital Editions default documents directory and choose the file.

Step 11: iTunes should then transfer the file to your device and Bluefire Reader will then automatically add this item to your Bluefire Reader Library.

Step 12: You can then open and enjoy your books in Bluefire Reader