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Test Prep

Study and Test-Day Tips


Studying for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests can help boost your score and improve your chances of acceptance at colleges and universities you decide to apply to.

Our experts have great study and test-day tips to help take some of the stress out of prepareing for the SAT, ACT, and all the other standardized tests that you might take during high school.

Fiske's Study Tips

Fiske's Study Tips help you figure out how to start studying and preparing for your tests. Learn about the best ways to study so you have the best chance to improve your scores.

Test Anxiety Tips

Test anxiety can cause you to stress out before or even during the test. Learn about the common cause of test anxiety and how to avoid it.

Fiske's Test-Day Tips

Fiske's Test-Day Tips help you lower your stress the night before and day of your test. Not sure what you need to bring with you? Fiske has a list of things that are required or beneficial to bring on test day,

Myth about Standardized Tests

Information adapted from The 75 Biggest Myths about College Admissions.


Myth: Your performance on standardized tests is all-important.

Reality: It is true that SAT/ACT scores are still used by many schools in the admission decision process. However, there is a substantial debate within the academic community about the value of these scores, as they have not been shown to be reliable predictors of college success.