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Test Prep

Types of Test Prep

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You can choose from several different types of test prep.

For example, you can:

There are pros and cons to each type of test prep, so you should try to figure out which format best suits your learning style and needs, as well as your budget.

Online Test Prep

Online software test prep can be a good option if you enjoy working at the computer. Most online test prep is great at showing you immediately what you're doing wrong and helping you focus on what you need to work on most. However, if you are easily distracted when working at a computer, this might not be the best option for you. And some online test prep programs are much better than others, so make sure you research a company and its software before you decide to buy it.

Build Your Own Test-Prep Program

Building your own test-prep program can be especially beneficial if you already know most of the test material and are aware of what you need to work on. Test-prep classes may spend too much of your valuable time on concepts you've already mastered. As with the online software prep, if you build your own test-prep program, you can focus your time on the types of questions you most need to practice. However, if you need structure or lack discipline, you may end up slacking off.

We offer great test-prep books from the leading experts to help you build your own test prep program and get your best score.

Test-Prep Classes

Test-prep classes provide the structure that some students need. However, test-prep classes are usually expensive and some students complain that the information provided in the class is the same information in a test-prep book. They also require you to spend time on every topic, which you may not need. If you're great in English, for example, you might have to sit through classes that won't help you. One of the best things about these classes is that they keep you working at test prep a little at a time over a six to eight week period, preventing the inclination to cram test prep into the three days before the test, which is much more likely to stress you out than to improve your score.

Private Test-Prep Tutor

Hiring a private tutor may benefit students who have trouble with a particular section of a test, students with learning disabilities, and students who are motivated but need more structure than they can get by building their own test-prep program. The best tutors will help you assess your knowledge and determine where to focus your effort, will assign you work to do on your own, and when you meet again will answer your questions or explain what confused you while you were working. However, tutors can get very expensive, and how much you get out of preparing with a tutor will depend somewhat on how hard your work between your tutoring sessions.